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Dinh Khẩu là một thành phố nằm ở Liêu Ninh, Trung Quốc. Tại đây có nhiều điểm tham quan được ưa chuộng, trong đó có Shanhai Square, khiến nơi đây trở thành một điểm đến khó có thể bỏ qua.
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  • Nhiều Mây 23 - 30℃

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Đang tìm những điều thú vị để trải nghiệm ở Dinh Khẩu? Chúng tôi cung cấp thông tin cập nhật về mọi thứ, từ các danh lam thắng cảnh không thể bỏ qua cho đến những nơi người địa phương hay đến chơi.
Tianmu Hot Spring Holiday Resort
Shanhai Square
4.4/5385 đánh giá
Red Beach National Scenic Corridor
Thành phố gần đó
South China Culture Park
Thành phố gần đó
4.2/572 đánh giá
Liaohe Old Street
4.6/5356 đánh giá
Silabao Hot Springs Resort
4.6/5441 đánh giá
Yingkou Beihai Ocean Park
4.1/535 đánh giá
Liaodongwan Jinbotan Tourist Zone
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Wang'er Mountain
4.3/5295 đánh giá
Honghai Wetlands Hot Springs Paradise
Thành phố gần đó
Yijiangnan Hot Spring
4.6/5198 đánh giá
Moon Lake Park
4.3/5189 đánh giá
Điểm Lưu Trú Chất Lượng
Khám phá nơi lưu trú phổ biến nhất ở Dinh Khẩu cùng với những đề xuất từ các du khách khác và những ưu đãi đặc biệt của khách sạn.
Yingkou Wanda Yihua Hotel
4.8/5720 đánh giá
Jing Hu Exquisite Hotel
4.7/5878 đánh giá
Hualian Hotel
4.7/5625 đánh giá
Gold Gulf Hotel
4.6/5866 đánh giá
Royal Garden Hotel
4.2/5470 đánh giá
Victoria Seaview Apartment
4.6/5267 đánh giá
Xiongyue Tianmu Hot Spring Resort
Gold Time Hotel
4.3/5787 đánh giá
Lihua International Hotel
4.6/5531 đánh giá

Khám Phá Dinh Khẩu Chân Thực Với Thổ Địa

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The squid circle, a story full of stories in Liaoning, has a place called the squid ring. Its name has a beautiful legend. The current squid circle has also become the fastest growing area in the Northeast. It is the open portal of Liaodong. Come to the squid circle, you must come to the landmark Shanhai Square. It covers an area of 300,000 square meters and consists of several parts such as Shanhai Square, New Crescent Moon Bath and Guanhai Dike. I stayed here at a bed and breakfast, just in the neighborhood of Shanhai Square, from the window of the hotel, you can also see the square. The bed and breakfast is large in size, with two rooms and one living room. The layout is very good. The most distinctive thing is that in a room, there is an electric enthusiasm design, so that you can feel the taste of the Northeast hot steamed buns.
Going to the beach, taking a bath in the sea and eating seafood is a proper traditional gold matching project! The Chishan Fishing Port in Shandong is closely connected with Shidao Port, the largest fishing port in northern China. In the seafood market not far from the port, our pedestrians can't stop buying and buying! Look at this prawns, crabs, oysters, scallops, scorpions... and this fat fresh sea cucumber that is as long as the iPhone X, which makes people go nowhere! When we go, the local beer festival is being held. The seafood barbecue table is placed directly on the edge of the beach. It is surrounded by tourists who play with the sea. It is quite pleasant to eat the seafood with a small wind! There is also a passionate show on the stage next to it, and the night on the beach will ignite a bonfire... This is the correct way to open midsummer nights! If this beach beer seafood barbecue is a big mouthful of drinking meat and rivers, you can eat it. However, in the land of Shandong, this "wen eat" is also very heroic! Seafood is available in unlimited quantities! There are dozens of shellfish in this light, and the prawns and crabs are also open! Don't keep your belly out of the table! This one month's weight loss results are all in vain!
I came to the Qinglong Mountain Ecological Park and walked into the distant and quiet forest. There are too many ways to get close to nature and enjoy the unique charm of Wendeng. Hurrying through the crowd, unintentionally throwing his eyes on the wet road, but found it on the other side, standing quietly, showing a peaceful smile. One by one, staying at the tip of my heart, lingering. The temple in front of the temple stands at the foot of the Qinglong Mountain, quietly waiting for the pilgrims from all corners of the country, inheriting a steady stream of incense. It is also because in this holy land, in front of the incense hall, listening to the sound of the Vatican in the ear, watching the people coming and going, the heart listens to the sound of chanting from a distance.
Adam Yue

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