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Hướng Dẫn Du Lịch Linz

Linz là một thành phố nằm ở Upper Austria, Áo. Tại đây có nhiều điểm tham quan được ưa chuộng, trong đó có Hauptplatz, Mariendom Linz, Ars Electronica Center, khiến nơi đây trở thành một điểm đến khó có thể bỏ qua.
Ẩn bớt
  • Trời trong 10 - 21℃

Trải Nghiệm Linz

Nên Làm Gì
Đang tìm những điều thú vị để trải nghiệm ở Linz? Chúng tôi cung cấp thông tin cập nhật về mọi thứ, từ các danh lam thắng cảnh không thể bỏ qua cho đến những nơi người địa phương hay đến chơi.
4.3/531 đánh giá
Mariendom Linz
4.3/519 đánh giá
Ars Electronica Center
4.2/514 đánh giá
Linzer Schloss & Schlossmuseum
Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz
4.5/58 đánh giá
OO Landesgalerie Linz
4.5/56 đánh giá
Schonbrunn Palace
5.0/55 đánh giá
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz
4.5/515 đánh giá
Mauthausen Memorial
Thành phố gần đó
Chưa ai bình luận
Botanischer Garten
5.0/51 đánh giá
Atelierhaus Salzamt
5.0/51 đánh giá
Schloss Ennsegg
Thành phố gần đó
5.0/51 đánh giá
Điểm Lưu Trú Chất Lượng
Khám phá nơi lưu trú phổ biến nhất ở Linz cùng với những đề xuất từ các du khách khác và những ưu đãi đặc biệt của khách sạn.
Stadtoase Kolping Hotel
4.3/518 đánh giá
Amedia Hotel Linz
4.4/511 đánh giá
harry's home hotel & apartments
Arcotel Nike
4.1/539 đánh giá
Ibis Styles Linz
4.0/541 đánh giá
Courtyard by Marriott Linz
4.3/531 đánh giá
Trans World Hotel Donauwelle
3.9/536 đánh giá
Austria Classic Hotel Wolfinger
limehome Linz Friedrichstraße
1.0/5Chưa ai bình luận
Montagehotel Business & City
4.0/5Chưa ai bình luận
Limehome Linz Hopfengasse
4.0/5Chưa ai bình luận

Khám Phá Linz Chân Thực Với Thổ Địa

Đăng bài
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Once again, I will stop at Linz and take a stroll in the city at night. The plaza was built in 1230 and is surrounded by many Baroque buildings and Renaissance-style buildings. It is also an iconic place in the area. In the middle of the square stood a marble monument, built to thank God for letting Linz free from war, fire and plague. Usually people come and go more lively here, the Danube River is not far from here.
The interior of the Schnbrunn Palace is very beautiful. The walls of the palace promenade are portraits of the emperors of the Habsburg royal family and portraits of 16 children of the Queen Maria Theresia. Later, the portrait of the French Queen Marie Antoinette, who was on the guillotine with the French King Louis XVI, was also included. In 1743, the Austrian Empress Maria Theresia ordered the construction of the magnificent Schnbrunn Palace and Baroque gardens, with a total area of 26,000 square meters, second only to the French Palace of Versailles. It has become a summer resort for the royal family.
The old town of linz the capital of Upper Austria. At the same time, Linz is also an important river port and economic center in the upper reaches of the Danube and the most important heavy industrial city in Austria. Old Town and New Town are located on both sides of the Danube River. A long main street runs through the Old Town. There are fashionable shops on both sides. Ancient churches and exquisite houses can be seen everywhere. Many musicians can be found among them. In the former residence of Wenhao, Mozart wrote the Linz Sonata in one of the courtyards. In the Second World War, Hitler announced that Germany had annexed Austria on a balcony in the central square of Linz. Today, this large square is still the center of the city and has become the starting point for people to explore Linz. Unlike other German-speaking city centre squares, there is no rich Germanic style, and the Trinity Column and surrounding buildings are both Renaissance and Baroque. Low-key Linz is not as flamboyant as her neighbors Vienna and Salzburg. The low-key exquisiteness is my evaluation of Linz. At the foot of the streets, at the foot of the tall and majestic buildings, you can often find small surprises, quiet and peaceful atmosphere, calm and calm style, it is difficult to connect with Austria's third largest city and industrial capital. Many celebrities have a close relationship with this ancient Austrian city. Mozart and Beethoven have lived briefly in Linz.
The Landhaus Museum Museum is located on the banks of the Danube River. It looks a bit like a water cube. It has many unique international collections. The art is bright, very bright and very modern. It is worth noting that the museum also exhibits works by famous masters such as Le and Picasso. Visitors who like art may wish to take a look and feel the rich artistic atmosphere. In addition to the exhibits, the numerous geometric images in the pavilion, the artistic props and the tensionful works are all very suitable for taking pictures.
About Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, the standard description on the Internet is the largest port city in the upper reaches of the Danube, an important industrial town. It can be placed in the old town of Linz. Where is there a big town, it is obviously a beautiful classic. Small town in Europe. Linz was born in the Holy Roman Empire. The ancient city with thousands of years of history retains a large number of medieval classical architecture, and its artistic and cultural heritage is extremely rich. The visitors are exhausted, the Hua Deng is on the river, and the electronic art center at the riverside has also started a dazzling light show. The Linz peoples most proud new landmarks transform all kinds of brilliant colors and patterns, from a long distance. Can see its style. From now on, the whole city has become gorgeous and colorful, and although the number of cars is small, the silent night is particularly moving.
You must not miss the beautiful northern Austrian city of Linz, the largest river port on the upper Danube, as an important stop for the Danube.

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