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Hướng Dẫn Du Lịch Koblenz

Koblenz là một thành phố nằm ở Rheinland-Pfalz, Đức. Tại đây có nhiều điểm tham quan được ưa chuộng, trong đó có Deutsches Eck (German Corner), Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Statue of William I, khiến nơi đây trở thành một điểm đến khó có thể bỏ qua.
Ẩn bớt
  • Nắng Rải Rác 17 - 28℃

Trải Nghiệm Koblenz

Nên Làm Gì
Đang tìm những điều thú vị để trải nghiệm ở Koblenz? Chúng tôi cung cấp thông tin cập nhật về mọi thứ, từ các danh lam thắng cảnh không thể bỏ qua cho đến những nơi người địa phương hay đến chơi.
Deutsches Eck (German Corner)
Thành phố gần đó
4.6/579 đánh giá
Nhà thờ chính tòa Köln
Thành phố gần đó
4.7/5882 đánh giá
Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
4.5/525 đánh giá
The Roman Forum
Thành phố gần đó
4.6/5564 đánh giá
Statue of William I
4.3/517 đánh giá
Thung lũng trung lưu thượng sông Rhein
Thành phố gần đó
Thành phố gần đó
4.4/538 đánh giá
Beethoven House
Thành phố gần đó
Chưa ai bình luận
Thành phố gần đó
4.6/557 đánh giá
Schloss Drachenburg
Thành phố gần đó
4.4/529 đánh giá
Bonner Münster
Thành phố gần đó
4.2/541 đánh giá
Điểm Lưu Trú Chất Lượng
Khám phá nơi lưu trú phổ biến nhất ở Koblenz cùng với những đề xuất từ các du khách khác và những ưu đãi đặc biệt của khách sạn.
4.8/543 đánh giá
Mercure Hotel Koblenz
4.9/549 đánh giá
GHOTEL hotel & living Koblenz
Sander Hotel Koblenz
4.5/523 đánh giá
Diehls Hotel
5.0/523 đánh giá
Hotel Hohenstaufen
4.0/56 đánh giá
Trip Inn City Hotel Hamm Koblenz
Top Hotel Krämer
4.4/515 đánh giá
Mosel Hotel Hähn
4.1/535 đánh giá
Ibis Koblenz City
2.7/536 đánh giá
Super 8 by Wyndham Koblenz
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Khám Phá Koblenz Chân Thực Với Thổ Địa

Đăng bài
European Architecture
VTL Europe : Germany
#tripaway There may not be a lovelier scene in Germany than the town of Cochem, couched in the high, vine-clad slopes of the Moselle Valley. The town of half-timbered houses, scurrying streets and medieval gates is on a loop in the river, under the steady watch of the Romantic Reichsburg castle. The Moselle cuts through two hiking paradises, the Eifel and Hunsrück ranges, while there’s a trail along the valley threading through vineyards and past Medieval castles to Koblenz or Trier. Or you can take it easy, sipping local Riesling on the town’s half-timbered squares and kicking back on a cruise on the Moselle. Let’s explore the best things to do in Cochem: 1. Reichsburg Cochem Reichsburg Cochem Source: Shutterstock Reichsburg Cochem Cochem’s crowning glory is a Medieval toll castle, rebuilt in a fairytale style in the 1870s. No matter which route you take into Cochem your gaze will be drawn to this fantasy-like sight and its giant four-storey octagonal tower far above the river. The castle goes back to the start of the 12th century. There are remnants of the Medieval building in the ring wall, octagonal tower, “Hexenturm” witch’s gate and the building housing the great hall (Rittersaal). But most of what we see today was done in the Neo-Renaissance style when the Berlin banker Louis Fréderic Jacques Ravené restored the property according to the Romantic tastes of the 19th century. A guided tour of the castle will take about 40 minutes, presenting tapestries, fine wood panelling, Louis XIV-style furniture, Baroque paintings, stained glass windows and armour. #tripaway
Lying here is a great place to rest, and at the same time, the Viking fattening journey is in full swing. Not only take your fat, but also eat and teach along the way, passing Koblenz, you start the Rdesheim classic coffee teaching, before running 10 kilometers a day, learned a lot of recipes.
Koblenz is an important part of the world cultural heritage of the Upper Rhine region and the Middle East. It is located at the intersection of the Rhine and Moselle rivers and is known as the German Horn. The statue of Ludwig is across the river from the fortress of Ellenbrecht Stein, and the Electoral Palace is also quietly waiting for the Rhine. Several towering steeple churches illuminate the skyline of the town, several squares. A collection of locals drinking and sunning. Koblenz is such a quiet and comfortable town.
Before the departure of the Viking Cruises on the 11th Rhine River Romantic Tour, I was very satisfied with the city on the shore. I feel that this arrangement is perfect. I did not expect that the port city that was docked would give us unexpected surprises. In Switzerland, the Viking Cruises will stop in Basel for three days. In France, the Viking Cruises will stop in Strasbourg for two days. In Germany, in addition to Cologne, the Viking Cruises will be docked in a few beautiful towns where the popular routes are not frequent. For example, the wine city of Ruedesheim, as mentioned above, such as Cole, Hugo first saw the Rhine. For example, the next ancient city with a history of two thousand years, Koblenz. The classification of Koblenz into the town tour was a bit wronged. Historically, the rich land here made it the ancient Romans and the German Knights to ignite him. Today, in the eyes of the Germans, it is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in the country. The Germanic people referred to the Rhine as the Father River and the tributary Moselle as the Mother River, while the name of Koblenz meant the intersection of the two rivers. Surrounded by hills and forests, surrounded by vineyards and guarded by castles, the city is located in the delta of the junction of the Rhine and Moselle rivers and has the famous German horn.
Marxburg is a very famous attraction in Koblenz, from the top of the outer suburb of Koblenz. There is not much information about Marxburg on the network. The castle is located in a blitzkrieg near Braubach, Germany, about 20 minutes drive from Koblenz. Marxburg is the only castle on the Rhine that has not been destroyed by war. In its more than 700 years of history, it is very fortunate to avoid the baptism of two world wars, its merits and the construction of its EPPSTEIN family. Inseparable. Overlooking the Rhine from Marx Castle, there is a mighty power to be the enemy of Wanfu. Marxburg has the badges of the ancient city owners, which also shows the long history and tradition of the castle. If time permits, the hiking route near Marxburg is highly recommended, allowing you to better see the beautiful scenery of the Middle Rhine, plus the air is very fresh, there are many very beautiful houses between the valleys. Especially enviable people who live here, hate not to live in such a beautiful place.
The scenery of the Rhine began to get better after entering Germany. In the 65-kilometer-long Middle Rhine Valley of Germany, there are many ancient towns and castles. These stormy castles and unpretentious towns are scattered between the rolling hills on the banks of the Rhine, witnessing the passing of time. The German aristocrats, princes, and archbishops of the Middle Ages fought for their hegemony. They converted the personal collections of the kings to their own hereditary property. They dug trenches, set up territories, and occupied the terrain to build their own castles. Hundreds of years of historical ruins make the Rhine Valley a unique landscape that blends natural beauty with culture and art. In 2001, the middle and upper reaches of the Rhine River were selected as World Cultural Heritage, and today it has become an important tourist route in Germany. In 1802, the German writers Clemens von Brentano and Achim von Alnim walked from Cologne to Koblenz for a romantic journey to the Rhine. Collect folk songs and legends about the Rhine River, organize them into poems, make the Rhine a beautiful fairy tale world, and present the beautiful fairy tale here to the world in the form of poetry. Koblenz, the city is located at the confluence of the Moselle and the Rhine, historically an ancient Roman town. In the sixth century AD, it was the royal residence of the Frankish family. It was destroyed during the Second World War. The historic buildings were restored after the war, and the new builders had a modern form. The lake outside the city is beautiful and the tourism industry is quite prosperous. It is a famous white wine Riesling production area.
The section of Koblenz is considered to be the most beautiful section of the Rhine. There is not a little precaution. The hurried road of the cruise ship turning over the river has already come to the idyllic town, under the old and broken background of the old castle. The town is extraordinarily bright, and there are a vast array of endless turquoise vineyards lined up in a very self-sufficient way. The bright red roofs reflect the blue sky and are beautiful like fairy tales.

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