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Đảo Easter
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Đảo Easter là một thành phố nằm ở Vùng Valparaiso, Chile. Tại đây có nhiều điểm tham quan được ưa chuộng, trong đó có Vườn quốc gia Rapa Nui, Đảo Phục Sinh, Ahu Tongariki, khiến nơi đây trở thành một điểm đến khó có thể bỏ qua.
Ẩn bớt
  • Nhiều Mây 18 - 22℃

Trải Nghiệm Đảo Easter

Nên Làm Gì
Đang tìm những điều thú vị để trải nghiệm ở Đảo Easter? Chúng tôi cung cấp thông tin cập nhật về mọi thứ, từ các danh lam thắng cảnh không thể bỏ qua cho đến những nơi người địa phương hay đến chơi.
Đảo Phục Sinh
4.7/571 đánh giá
Vườn quốc gia Rapa Nui
4.7/556 đánh giá
Ahu Tongariki
4.7/546 đánh giá
Rano Kau
4.5/521 đánh giá
Anakena Beach
4.5/512 đánh giá
Rano Raraku
4.6/518 đánh giá
Chưa ai bình luận
Ballet Kari Kari, since 1996
Chưa ai bình luận
Playa Ovahe
5.0/51 đánh giá
Ahu Tahai
4.6/512 đánh giá
Puna Pau
5.0/51 đánh giá
Ahu Akahanga
5.0/51 đánh giá
Điểm Lưu Trú Chất Lượng
Khám phá nơi lưu trú phổ biến nhất ở Đảo Easter cùng với những đề xuất từ các du khách khác và những ưu đãi đặc biệt của khách sạn.
Altiplanico Rapa Nui
Chưa ai bình luận
Easter Island Ecolodge
3.9/521 đánh giá
Hare Nua
4.6/519 đánh giá
Inaki Uhi Hotel
4.3/511 đánh giá
Altiplanico Rapa Nui
3.9/5Chưa ai bình luận
Kaimana Inn
3.7/513 đánh giá
Cabañas Taina Meme 2
Chưa ai bình luận
Cabañas Anakena
4.1/53 đánh giá
Hostal Sunset
4.3/56 đánh giá
Mamma Nui Glamping Restorant
Chưa ai bình luận

Khám Phá Đảo Easter Chân Thực Với Thổ Địa

Đăng bài
#Được Đề Xuất
While visiting my son in Chile I had the opportunity to fly to Easter Island and see the Moai! They are huge and amazing to view. It’s hard to imagine how ancient people were able to move them from the quarry without modern machines. Easter Island itself is a wonderful tropical getaway. I’m glad the I had the opportunity to visit and it’s a place I’d love to go again! #happynewyear #worldheritage #happynewyear
We took the Orongo trail, the one that ancient Rapa Nui took each year on their bird man cult celebration, and we hiked to the top of Rano Kau volcano to be greeted by a gigantic crater, filled with an amazing wetland. Not only the view to the wetland is breathtaking, but if you look back, you can see the entire Easter Island, including the two other volcanoes: Poike and Terevaka. #givethanks #givethanks
This is the ceremonial village where the villages held the Birdman competition to retrieve the 1st tern egg from an island across the Mata Nui inlet. There are quite a few houses with shale walls and a very small entry. Although you can't go inside one they are very interesting to see, along with the petroglyphs. #givethanks #givethanks
The beach was filled with both locals and travelers, soft sand, some low rolling hills and on top overlooking it all were a fantastic collection of Moai statues. The parking lot leads to a foot path with restaurants and shops on both sides and at the end is the beach. A must stop to see the Moai with a beach background #givethanks #givethanks
Buy your ticket at the airport for ease $54 Chilean pesos per person, valid for 10 days, most places can be revisited, just a couple not. The whole island is effectively the national park and you need your ticket every time you go to a place. Well worth the money, especially if they use it for the greater good. #givethanks #givethanks
Our favourite site on the island. This is the quarry where the majority if the Moai were carved and then transported to various parts of the island. There are many Moai in various stages of completion. The terrain is uneven and the trails on the hill are up and down - so can be difficult to manage. #givethanks #givethanks
This is the sunrise spot and can get very busy. Depending on what type of camera/lense you have you might prefer to stay out of the walled area to get the wide angle and sea behind. Try and go during the afternoon too to get the light on their faces. #givethanks #givethanks
Chile Travel - Easter Island under the stars, this magical island is full of charm under the stars. The Stone Giant is like a dialogue with the stars, and it is like the most powerful guard on the island. Easter Island rises and falls in the sun, and night falls to the Milky Way. Every island can make this island show its charm. I really admire the people who made these stone carvings. I am leaving Chile. Although I am leaving with the doubts of most people, I hope to listen to others telling stories about this place. I don't know if I am like me?

Thành Phố Được Đề Xuất Khác

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