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Face of the Goddess Yanzhima
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Thermal Spring Goudzhekit
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North Baikal Art Gallery
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Suvinsky Castle
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Hot Spring Khakusy
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Church of Our Lady Icon of Vladimir

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One of my best memories in my life which created with my loved colleagues. Everyone is chasing happiness, but only a few know where it comes from. Happiness is not a goal. Instead, you experience a journey every day. Being happy with whom and what you are is the only thing that can make you happy, not what people expect you to be. happiness moment not depends on place or people. #awesomepic #couplestrip #instagramworthydestinations #unforgettableexperiences #russia
Angela Z
In the hot July, it is still the beginning of our spring, from summer to spring, it is still comfortable! The sales volume of Toyota cars is very large, and it is rare to see the luxury cars here. How many people still remember the feeling of riding a motorcycle, and only the motorcycle can make two people rely on such a close, facing the wind forward, you can feel each other Breathing, hugs are the sweetest poses in the world. I walked in front of you, do you still remember me? The zebra crossings of all countries are almost the same! Even the girl loves the same heart, wearing a cotton jacket and wearing shorts. Have you ever been brave? I like this girl, sitting quietly will give off a unique atmosphere, as if everything around me can't interfere with her. teenagers who skateboarding, so invest, so let go of the self, the little baby is watching, I used to have a skateboarding dream, but unfortunately they are broken. With the head. In the evening, I ate a Chinese dish in Ulan-Ude, which is the taste of my hometown.
Unconsciously, across the country road, came to Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Republic of Buryatia in the Russian Federation. Looking at the city, there are some doubts about the reasons for the pursuit of modernization in the construction of big cities in China. Isn't the historical building more attractive to us, and let everyone remember? During the shuttle, you can feel the traces of time, you will be involuntarily want to understand its past and present, this is the charm of architecture! I like to take pictures of the reflection in the water, so illusory and so real, and its arrival is only because of a rain. I often think that it is the beauty that sets off the beauty, or the beauty of the beauty, and that touch of shadow always touches many people. heart of. And all the stops and stops will have an end. Ulan-Ude is a mysterious place and a junction between Europe and Asia. It is said that it is not open to foreign tourists, so you cant see the crowd here. Its rushing, you cant see the hustle and bustle, its like being forgotten, and its like this is what the city wants.
Today's time to Ulan-Ude is relatively early, I am going to go out for a lap and come back again. Tips, in foreign countries, it is best to go out with a few people. Don't be alone, you can't speak the language, you don't know how to go back if you are cheated. You can make a phone call in Russia, 20 RMB a month, there are several G traffic, very cheap, it should be cheaper than a treasure Less. Walk in the streets of Ulan-Ude, the city is a bit shabby, people here like photography, if you point the camera at them, they will A variety of faces. tall billboards can be seen everywhere. Some people say that Russian advertisements are very creative. When you go to the local area, you will know. At night, the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel a la carte, surprise, all Chinese food, full of home taste, go abroad It is not easy, and it is more accurate to feel the true warmth.
Balguzin is surrounded by mountains, and today's blue sky and white clouds are especially matched with it. I felt walking in the scenery along the way. At noon, I went to eat in the small town of Bargujin. There is a big tank in the center of Lenin Square! In addition to Baikal itself, there are also small rivers and lakes around it. These small lakes are especially suitable for taking reflections. Today's clouds are especially beautiful and will add a lot of brilliance to the reflection.
In the morning, returning from Lake Baikal back to Ulan-Ude. I will fly back from Ulan-Ude to the country tomorrow morning. Anyone who knows me knows that I usually put on my pants on the last day of my trip, and I am no different. Today is no exception. Today is the blue sky and white clouds, even if the small yellow flowers can be seen every day, but every time you pass by, you can't resist the temptation, or insist on getting off the camera. Finally, we arrived in Ulan-Ude and lived near the city center. Of course, there is also Lenin Square. Lenins big brother is paying attention under the blue sky and white clouds.
Most of the trips to Lake Baikal began in Irkutsk. There was very little information about Ulan-Ude on the Internet. I asked the charter masters to suggest a trip from Ulan-Ude, and Irkutsk returned. This is also very good, went to a few very small places, even the locals rarely meet. The first sight of the road from Ulan-Ude to South-Bajarsk fell in love with this Siberian land. Some roads were worried before the departure. Fortunately, the road was good and there were very few cars. You will also see the railway around the lake. This is a beautiful scenery. I really want to find a time to take the train called the most beautiful railway line. Tips: 1, keep warm, earmuff gloves must be worn. 2, when leaving the country, the customs will give a piece of paper, it must be kept, and it will be used when staying and returning.

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