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Phương Thành là một thành phố nằm ở Hà Nam, Trung Quốc. Tại đây có nhiều điểm tham quan được ưa chuộng, trong đó có Qifeng Mountain Ecological Tourism Area, Wanghuahu Landscape Sightseeing Area, Shichuan Scenic Area, khiến nơi đây trở thành một điểm đến khó có thể bỏ qua.
Ẩn bớt
  • Âm U 23 - 33℃

Trải Nghiệm Phương Thành

Nên Làm Gì
Đang tìm những điều thú vị để trải nghiệm ở Phương Thành? Chúng tôi cung cấp thông tin cập nhật về mọi thứ, từ các danh lam thắng cảnh không thể bỏ qua cho đến những nơi người địa phương hay đến chơi.
The Seventy-Two Pools
Thành phố gần đó
4.3/5167 đánh giá
Shedian Ancient City
Thành phố gần đó
4.5/5263 đánh giá
District Magistrate Office in Nanyang
Thành phố gần đó
Sheqi Shanxi and Shaanxi Hall
Thành phố gần đó
4.5/5139 đánh giá
Erlang Mountain Resort
Thành phố gần đó
4.4/5264 đánh giá
Nanyang Wuhou Temple
Thành phố gần đó
4.4/5618 đánh giá
Sanxian Mountain
4.5/513 đánh giá
Lotus Spa Spring
Thành phố gần đó
4.4/5107 đánh giá
Shichuan Scenic Area
4.5/514 đánh giá
Điểm Lưu Trú Chất Lượng
Khám phá nơi lưu trú phổ biến nhất ở Phương Thành cùng với những đề xuất từ các du khách khác và những ưu đãi đặc biệt của khách sạn.
Pujing Holiday Hotel
3.9/552 đánh giá
Jane Eyre Fashion Inn
3.9/521 đánh giá
Fangcheng Hongfu Holiday Hotel
Fanjian Inn
3.3/57 đánh giá
Fangcheng Keaizhu Qingya Hotel

Khám Phá Phương Thành Chân Thực Với Thổ Địa

Đăng bài
Qifeng Mountain is also known as Qiding Mountain. It is called Qishi Mountain in ancient times. "Wei GeGeography" once contained: "Qifeng Mountain is called Qishi Mountain in ancient times. Because the mountain has seven peaks and columns, such as the pen holder, it is named. From above, it is overlooked. The mountain road is hovering and magnificent. It is said that there is an ancient Chu Great Wall on this mountain. It is called "the ancestor of the Great Wall of China". When we arrived, the weather was still good, no sun was not hot, after entering the scenic spot, I saw a lake surface called Yu Nv Lake. Qifeng Mountain Eco-tourism Area is located in the shallow mountainous area of the Funiu Mountain. The radius is about 105 square kilometers. The mountain is steep and the walls are thousands of feet high. The waterfall is flowing and the scenery is beautiful. The main peak of Qifeng Mountain is extended to the surrounding area, forming a number of mountains and valleys. The terrain is generally low in the middle and low in the middle. The main peak is 760.3 meters above sea level. The highest peak of the county. The top of the mountain and the valley waterway and some steep cliffs are exposed with granite weathered stone walls or bedrock and rolling stones, forming a beautiful landscape.
In the Folklore Museum of Qifeng Mountain in Fangcheng, the daily life and farming tools of the local people are fully displayed. The paintings on the walls also depict the daily life of the people. In addition to the theme of leisure and holiday tourism, the scenic area of is complemented by such green agriculture, which allows visitors to experience the simplicity of the farmhouse. The most thrilling area is the glass suspension bridge. It is located between the two mountains, and the seven peaks not far away can be clearly distinguished. Walking on the glass suspension bridge, some of the feelings of horror. Years like the flow of white river, long distance, more than a thousand years have passed, Nanyang This Zhongling show, the lakes and mountains, seamless, natural scenery is still fascinating.
Henan Qifengshan Tourism Resort has a current water show on the net red, which attracted a large number of tourists to come and watch it. It turned out to be a watercraft show. Using the recoil power generated by the sprinkler on the foot, the performer can vacate above the surface of the water and is equipped with a manually controlled nozzle for stabilizing the attitude of the air. I only saw the performer sneak in the water for a while, and then jumped out of the water like a dolphin, causing layers of spray, and the time was thrilling and exciting. Others say that his actions are as strong as Iron Man. There is also a traditional dragon and lion dance performance on the stage, which is very lively. I got into the crowd, and I saw the lion in the center of the field shaking his head and swaying, jumping and hopping.

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