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Getting There - Attractions - Hotels - Food & Restaurants - Shopping - #culturalattractions#thanksgiving#luxuryhotel#hiking WELCOME TO PEARL OF AFRICA( UGANDA) 🇺🇬
Thành phố Mandaue
One of the best food parks in Mandaue City. I really like the choices over there. A lot of local food sellers but also dishes from around the world. Prices are middle class friendly. It is a fantastic place to chill and have a food trip especially on a weekend. Parking could be limited but if you’re patient enough, the wait isn’t really too long. #foodie #cafe #beer #thanksgiving
Chu Gia Giác
After almost 9 years in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Shanghai, it still amaze me that l always find some new corner to explore and the best part of it...all conveniently connected by subway, a city escape without actually leaving the city! The old town of Zhujiajao 朱家角 is just what you need to immerge yourself in a totally new picturesque atmosphere, a ancient water town. Simply walk around, cross the many well preserved bridges and taste some of the local snacks! 📸 #momentsmission scenic and photography spot Getting there: Ⓜ️ + 🚶‍♂️ line 10 till Hongqiao Railway Station and then change to line 17 till Zhujiajiao station and walk around 15 min to the old town. #momentsmission #scenicspotguide #shanghai #zhujiajiao #朱家角 #decembertravel #nationalpark #unforgettableexperiences #watercity #café #urbanexplorer #naturalwonders #historicalplace #cityscapes #china #photospot #mapletrees #thanksgiving #nationalpark #ThisIsChina
Valentina Bee
Nghĩa Ô
Located in the Huangxi Tourism Area we found this gem!💎 Tickets are affordable and are bought on site.🎟 There are A LOT of activities for young and old to do. This place boasts with beautiful Waterfalls, A Glass bridge🌁, A 3km Glass water slide🚤, A big swing (Feels like your swinging off the mountain), food stalls with local food and snacks, smaller games/activities for children. There are Golf Carts🛺 that take you up the mountain to the glass bridge for a small Fee but, you also have the option to walk if you would like.😊 Before going on to the glass bridge get these amazing slipper-like booties that go over your shoes.👞 The glass bridge is not too high and you can take amazing photos on the brige. The mountains are rich in Greenery which is absolutely breathtaking and calming.🏞⛰ The glass water slide is the best way to get down the mountain via a rubber boat and it the slide is 3km Long.😱There are Raincoats and leg covers available so that you don't get too wet. 😊 If you are looking for some adventure then this is definitely for you! This place will definitely be seeing again.😁🥳 #momentsmission #thanksgiving #glassbridge #waterfalls #waterside #touristattractions #tourism #scenicspotguide #daytrip #adventureday
Huairou District
It sounds as it goes like The Weeknd song "Starboy", when walking around the Great Wall 🧱 this time. Since I have been to Beijing during the winter ❄️ I was always looking forward to autumn colors there 🍁. We also wanted to have some fun and so we chose the Mutianyu section of Great Wall. There are less people in here, has quite some stores up the hill for anything to buy/munch 🥑. It may sound more touristy but also as you walk for an hour or so; you can find yourself in a completely secluded place 😍 with not much people around. That's where, we were able to capture these beautiful colors at the backdrop of sky, hill and 🪨 rocks. It should definitely be on your bucket list when you visit Beijing. #mapletrees #hiking #thanksgiving #beijing #momentsmission #autumncolours #christmaslights
Aaru 裴儒
If you want to enjoy the life away from the city, want to wake up with an amazing view, feel the fresh air, listen to the birds chirping while sipping your coffee or while reading books.. This is the best place to be. The Bali in Northern Cebu! You must visit now and enjoy the rustic vibe at Areca Palm Hut. Just a two-hour drive from Cebu City situated in the highlands of Catmon where you'll surely love the floating breakfast, wide garden for picnics, s'mores night, aesthetic design and exclusive use of the entire property. The place was so refreshing! The house was so cozy, we spent most of the time chilling by the pool and do nothing but eat. I mean, who would not want to if they serve these very yummy and IG friendly meals everyday? The serenity tho... Ugh! Kudos also to the staff. We super love how they prepare the foods that are way more delicious than what we expected, how they keep the place clean but still giving us privacy. I would definitely recommend staying here! We will surely book again in the future. #staycation #nationalpark #urbanexplorer #thanksgiving #summervacation #unforgettableexperiences #travelinspiration
Rhea Bella
Huyện Y
A must see after the famous Yellow Mountains is the beautiful 宏村 Hongcun village. You'll have the feeling to enter into one of the ancient Chinese paintings: little canals, cobblestones streets, picturesque bridges, white buildings and rice fields all around. Those are some of the reasons why this historical site well deserved the World Heritage recognition. l went during winter time and definitely the fog and cloudy weather gave the environment a more mystical athmosphere! Getting there: 🚌 it’s recommended to take a tour bus from Tunxi Bus Station in downtown Huangshan 🚕 one hour drive by taxi from the Yellow Mountain area. #momentsmission #scenicspotguide #nationalpark #unforgettableexperiences #decembertravel #wonderful #travelinspiration #summervacation #urbanexplorer #naturalwonders #photospot #china #wonderful #thanksgiving #hikingtrails #unesco #historicalplace #nature #hiddengem #architecture #yellowmountain #hongcun #ThisIsChina
Valentina Bee
Chom Thong
Last Christmas we went to Doi Inthanon national park in Chang Mai Thailand. The highest peak in thailand with nice scenery view of mountains with beautiful garden of flowers and trees, this temple built for the late King number 9 and Queen. The second place that we went is the white temple in Chiang Rai Thailand, this temple is iconic in thailand and unique because of this whole white colored temple from the roof to the floor, they also have a blue temple just a couple of kilometers away. The third that we visited was a resort in Hua Hin Cha-am thailand. We stayed in this nice big hotel far from the city with a good ambiance for relaxation with a good beach front view, we spend our new year in the hotel and that was a good experience. #chiangmai #chiangrai #huahin #chaam #familybonding #familyfirst #familytime #holidaygetaway #holiday2021 #christmasgiveaway #christmas lights #christmastrip #thanksgiving #happynewyear #merryxmas
#christmasgiveaway#christmaslights #skiing #momentsmission #thanksgiving #decembertravel This mall has everything needed and not bad shopping, it’s right in the centre against the central bus station and metro and railway station. The mall has good places to eat and a lot to buy, From clothes to phones and pharmacies. everything around it is very beautiful and there are hotels right there. Christmas shopping is great and the place is cosy and warm from the snow outside, there are many fast food chains there as well as local. Service at every shop Iv been in was friendly and the supermarket there is very convenient. great mall for a quick shopping spree.
Bắc Kinh
I explicitly wanted to entice the viewers of this post using the 'crowd' just to let you know it was as it goes by the word 😂. On our visit to some Universal indulgence✨, we expect nothing more than a fairy land, but also to state the fact everyone loves to be in the fairy land. Among all the rides and themes, Harry Potter is the coolest (and crowdest too 😜) place to be. They have made a perfect replica of the castle 🏰 combined with the fans dressed all up for the occasion in Team Griffindos, made a perfect day out into this magical 🪄land. The first time entrance in the castle will make you feel the same way Harry🧞 has experienced with awestruck pure bliss feelings. #harrypotter #momentsmission #universalstudio #beijing #Thanksgiving #funlife #christmasland #christmaslights
Aaru 裴儒
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