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#tokyo #tokyoskytree #cherryblossom #bluesky #japan #mckhaidetrip #lovejapan #spring #summer #sakura #travel #beautiful #tokyotower #skyandflower #love#本地遊 I love this season
Khlong Thom Nuea
A National park in Khlong Thom Nuea, Khlong Thom District, Krabi 81120. Hot tubs crafted into smooth rock channelling water from deep rooted thermal springs located in volcanic chambers and claimed that it can cure some health complaints including rheumatism and sciatica. The environment is certainly unique, imagine sitting in a bath tub hollowed out from nature’s stone and surrounded by rainforest. The sensation is really relaxing while soaking on the water. This place is crowded especially peak season, so better come here during normal days. 😂 #passionpassport #gooutside #urbanexplorer #stream #spring #hotspring #natural #junglevibes #unique
Greater Tokyo Area
After seeing everything in Riga, we did some research, and decided to take the train to Sigulda, only an hour away from Riga. Sigulda is a small town with around 17,000 inhabitants. It is located in the Vidzeme region in Latvia and 53 kilometres away from Riga. The town is overlooking the Gauja river valley and around the valley, there are multiple old castles and mansions. We walked around 20000 steps and saw different creeks, castle hills, Livonian castle and the new Sigulda castle. for our surprise there were easy to find nice and and tasty meals on our way. coffee was a bit pricey , but worth it. we enjoyed a half day I. this little town and would come back in autumn to see the seasons change. #sigulda #latvia #spring #walk
#staycation #themepark #southkorea #cherryblossoms #spring #themepark
Annyeong Ajeossi
#asiatrip It was unplanned trip during my visit to Tokyo that time. Even i knew it was very low chances for me to see sakura flowers in Tokyo, alas i decided to proceed this trip without putting so much thinking into it. Shinjuku gyoen national garden was my first place for this sakura hunting. The moment i stepped into the entrance, all of the trees in that area already with leaves. But as this national garden is really huge, then i kept walking with the hope of finding sakura blooming at least in one out of thousands sakura trees in that garden. ( cross finger ). I still remember how i felt when i managed to see the glimpse of white and pink flowers at one section of the garden. I could not described how excited am i at that moment. And yes!!! it was never too late for me to experience the beautiful sakura in Tokyo. For those who are planning to do Hanami in Tokyo, the guidelines given on the web normally just for guidance. At the end, nature is still nature, we can not predict precisely. Dont ever lose hope, try to visit as many gardens as you can because there is always a possibilities some trees still in peak blooming period. Happy Sakura hunting guys!! #awesomepic #spring #sakura
Yerevan is a very beautiful city! It is also my home town, well maybe it is the reason why I love it so much ♥️ Spring in Yerevan is just so magical 🍃 Everything is coming back to live, almost every corner of the city is blooming 🌸 After long cold and dark winter days it is very pleasing to feel the warmth of the sunlight 🌞see all the colors all over you 🌈🌳 Spring air in Yerevan is especially fresh, you constantly smell the smells of flowering plants. I really love how it smells in our garden in spring. The smell of the blossoming apricot tree is simply amazing in the evenings during 🌅 making it even more special. #createwithtrip #travellater #spring #yerevan #armenia #visitarmenia
Spring time in Seoul is one of the loveliest times of the year. The weather is warm during the day and brisk at night. Most importantly, everything springs back to life (also literally). This is especially true for the cherry blossom trees which beautifully bloom a nice pink color before they turn into trees. Cherry blossoms are scattered all throughout the city and you never need to look to find them; they'll find you. There's something very welcoming at the sight of them; a welcome to spring! It's also quite relaxing mentally to simply walk among them and enjoy nature and the outdoors! Overall, Seoul is known for it's beautiful cherry blossoms in spring. Head over to any park and spend a afternoon taking countless pictures of these beautiful trees! #cherryblossom #spring #seoul #korea #explore #travel
Mary Ann Alejandro
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Located adjacent to both Jing’an and Changning Districts, Jiangsu Road Subdistrict is a beautiful part of the city which is renowned for its quaint buildings, tall trees, and excellent photo opportunities📸🌳This area has many historic buildings, and walking around this area will present to you many parts of Shanghai’s rich history - pay attention to special notices on the sides of the buildings!🍁 Take a long spring time stroll along Jiangsu Road, and admire the flowers and trees under the sunshine🌤☀️ This area has colorful buildings, quaint lane houses and many cute cafes, so take a stroll and see what you can find!📸💛 #street #buildings #shanghai #photography #spring #explore #tripmoment #tripaway
Molly Rose
Thắng Giải