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Đánh giá tàu ở Trung Quốc cung cấp dịch vụ đặt vé tàu tại Trung Quốc nhanh chóng và tin cậy. Mỗi ngày, chúng tôi giúp hàng trăm hành khách đặt vé tàu trực tuyến tại Trung Quốc. Chúng tôi tin tưởng rằng quý khách là một trong số nhiều khách hàng mà chúng tôi làm hài lòng.


  • Người dùng 21 th 4, 2016

    Beijing Railway Station has been playing an important role over the years. It leaves a deep impression on us who wait there, take trains, and transfer. Back in 2013, there was a bad smell in the waiting room on the first floor. However, when I went there this Spring Festival, it was much better. There were many changes like the newly-opened KFC, Qing Feng steamed dumpling and so on with fair prices. The service in general was much improved.

  • Người dùng 20 th 3, 2016

    Have been to Beijing Railway Station to transfer many times. The passenger traffic is huge while the station is orderly and sanitary. It's great overall.

  • Người dùng 24 th 2, 2016

    Beijing Station is quite old, but there are plenty of decorations if you take a close look. It is interesting compared to the other stations in Beijing.

Beijing South

  • Người dùng 25 th 5, 2016

    The bus and subway signs here are poor. The staff I inquired with were impatient, which disappointed me.

  • Người dùng 6 th 5, 2016

    Have been to Beijing South Railway Station several times, using a different gate each time. It feels messy but people seem to have got used to it. It takes some thinking to survive here.

  • Người dùng 27 th 3, 2016

    Came here for a pickup. The service was great. Purchased the platform ticket when I got here.

Beijing West

  • Người dùng 20 th 4, 2016

    Cozy, convenient, orderly, and well-equipped.

  • Người dùng 16 th 4, 2016

    It feels like the biggest traffic hub of Beijing. Though it has been here for years, the facilities are still as good as those in the new high-speed railway station, as the waiting room is quite clean. It has a splendid exterior and the screens and hallways after the security check are majestic. There are plenty of restaurants and shops. The traffic is still busy at night, which could be troublesome when trains are delayed.

  • Người dùng 20 th 1, 2016

    To be frank, Beijing West Railway Station is dirty and messy. The only saving grace is its uncrowded parking lot. I only take trains here when I have to.

Beijing North

  • Người dùng 16 th 4, 2016

    This station only provides a few trains to Hebei and S-intercity trains. It's small in size and was formerly known as Xizhimen Station. The passengers here now are mainly commuters and tourists to Badaling, so the passenger traffic is fine. By the way, the so-called S2 intercity train is in fact a normal speed train with a CRH outfit.

  • Người dùng 6 th 1, 2016

    I have come to Beijing North Railway Station. The transportation is very convenient.

  • Người dùng 19 th 12, 2015

    Beijing North Railway Station is in Xizhimen. It's convenient to take the subway there. It provides trains to Yanqing.


  • Người dùng 17 th 3, 2016

    Security here is good and the ground is clean. Obviously it costs the government a lot of manpower and money. I hope the good service can keep up.

  • Người dùng 27 th 2, 2016

    The ground is clean, the service is attentive and there are many facilities.

  • Người dùng 8 th 2, 2016

    Big station with many people. The transportation is very convenient.

Shanghai Hongqiao

  • Người dùng 9 th 5, 2016

    Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station has a spacious waiting room with passengers coming and going in an endless stream.

  • Người dùng 4 th 5, 2016

    Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is the biggest railway station on the Beijing-Shanghai Railway. You can transfer to the subway, high-speed railway and airport all in one station. The waiting room is very spacious and is filled with various shops and restaurants, which can help kill time during the long wait. The security check is not very strict and you can come in and out as you wish, which shows the capacity of Shanghai. I like it.

  • Người dùng 15 th 4, 2016

    It's magnificent and not far from the airport. There are many people here.

Shanghai South

  • Người dùng 13 th 3, 2016

    Not many trains here and most of them are normal speed trains. It would be much more convenient if there could be some high-speed trains. The facilities here are great!

  • Người dùng 7 th 2, 2016

    Have been there when I went to Zhejiang. It looked messy from the outside, because of the high passenger traffic. It was better inside.

  • Người dùng 17 th 3, 2016

    It is a big station, kind of like a terminal building. The Shanghai South Long-distance Bus Station is nearby. The building is complicated and it could be challenging for newcomers to find their way.


  • Người dùng 17 th 3, 2016

    Large passenger flow, a metropolis indeed! Signs are clear. The subway is right at the exit. Very convenient.

  • Người dùng 2 th 2, 2016

    Guangzhou Railway Station hasn't changed much since its reform and reopening. It's no wonder that it can't keep up with the increasing needs and falls behind other cities. The surroundings inside the station have been improved with a garden, business waiting room and a cleaner, brighter waiting room. However, it has been risky over the years because outside the station there are many pickpockets and hustlers. So, you better enter the station half an hour prior to departure and don't linger at the station square.

  • Người dùng 30 th 12, 2015

    People swarmed to get on the train every time I got off at Guangzhou. Big station indeed!

Guangzhou East

  • Người dùng 22 th 4, 2016

    I went back and forth from Guangdong to Hunan over 2 days. It was very convenient thanks to the high-speed trains! The station is big and is a high-end traffic hub.

  • Người dùng 16 th 4, 2016

    The most comprehensive train station in Guangzhou with normal speed trains, intercity trains and the Guangzhou-Kowloon train (it has border checks because of this). Despite its small scale, it's spacious inside. The three types of trains are deployed with different waiting rooms. Both the surroundings inside and the atmosphere outside are better than Guangzhou Station. The taxi pick-up point is kind of messy, suggest taking subway or bus.

  • Người dùng 5 th 3, 2016

    I always come here to take trains to Dongguan. The station is between Guangzhou South and Guangzhou Station. Not bad.

Guangzhou North

  • Người dùng 16 th 11, 2015

    It's a little bit far to go to Huadu to take trains and the transportation there is not very convenient.

  • Người dùng 8 th 12, 2015

    It's the nearest high-speed railway station to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. But it takes half an hour minimum and there are few trains to the airport.

  • Người dùng 14 th 9, 2015

    The Guangzhou North station is at Huadu District, which is really far from downtown. It's a small station with few trains.

Guangzhou South

  • Người dùng 22 th 2, 2016

    It only takes 5 minutes to transfer within the station. It's convenient and there are many restaurants.

  • Người dùng 25 th 5, 2016

    I came to Guangzhou South to take the high-speed railway. It looks quite new because it started to operate in 2010 and is not as crowded as Guangzhou Station. Once subway line 7 opens, it will be more convenient.

  • Người dùng 22 th 4, 2016

    This is a grand gateway and transportation hub for Guangzhou. Transferring without getting out of the station is really convenient!


  • Người dùng 24 th 4, 2016

    Shenzhen Railway Station is near the port of Luohu and Hong Kong is just on the other side of the hill. The Luohu Mall and a bus station are nearby.

  • Người dùng 25 th 1, 2016

    Shenzhen railway station is very large. The transportation is convenient because of its location in Luohu District.

  • Người dùng 15 th 1, 2016

    It's at the heart of the old town of Luohu District. Its surroundings are dirty and messy like many other stations. It's the terminal station for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity railway.

Shenzhen West

  • Người dùng 3 th 1, 2016

    The service of the staff in Shenzhen West Railway Station is really poor. The authorities should take some measures to improve it.

  • Người dùng 3 th 1, 2016

    The cheapest ticket from Guangzhou to Shenzhen is to Shenzhen West.

  • Người dùng 14 th 12, 2015

    It's in Shenzhen's Nanshan District. There used to be lots of trains here but there are fewer now.

Shenzhen North

  • Người dùng 13 th 5, 2016

    Due to its large scale, It's more comfortable than the old station. The "true high-speed train" takes no more than half an hour to get to Guangzhou South. I've been here many times and have seen it develop into today's traffic hub and business is booming. However, with the number of passengers increasing, it takes more time to pass the security check (about 20 minutes). Please allow some time. Still, the waiting room is capable of accommodating passengers without being crowded.

  • Người dùng 30 th 4, 2016

    A huge place. Sometimes I can't even find my way.

  • Người dùng 20 th 3, 2016

    Great management, comfortable environment, considerate notification. I enjoyed the trip.

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